To be considered a classic, you must first stand the test of time.

That is exactly what our range of classic Australian-style letterboxes have done.

Since 1990, we have supplied over 15,000 small Milk Can letterboxes and they continually remained one of our most popular products. Each of our classic Australian-style mailboxes are made with aluminium and span a number of styles designed to complement the aesthetics of traditional Aussie homes.

With a history of popularity on its side, you can buy our classic Australian-style letterboxes online with the confidence that your new mailbox will remain timelessly beautiful for many years to come.

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1. Pillar Letterbox
All Aluminium Construction, lift up lid. The most popular selling letterbox in the early 90's. Very ..
Ex Tax: $155.93
2. Side Opening Milk Can
All aluminium construction with Key Lock Side Door. Size: 200mm Diameter x 310mm Wide x 1200mm overa..
Ex Tax: $117.27
3. Sml Milk Can
Full aluminium mailbox with a keylock rear door. Another flagship of the fleet. 200mm Diameter x 310..
$163.82 $99.00
Ex Tax: $90.00
4. Medium Cream Can
The milk can series letterboxes are not for those who get larger mail. These are not rated as an A4 ..
$238.99 $183.50
Ex Tax: $166.82
5. Large Milk Can
All aluminium construction country style mailbox. Key Lock rear door. Size: 280mm Dia x 475mm Long x..
$289.41 $275.00
Ex Tax: $250.00
6. Medium Milk Can Light
Prestige Mailbox. Can be wired in low or high voltage, electricals not included. Size: 230mm Dia x 3..
Ex Tax: $527.27
7. Alpine Chalet
Cast aluminium, modern style mailbox. Key Lock door. Takes A4 Size mail. Size: 250mm Wide x 330mm Lo..
$225.00 $170.50
Ex Tax: $155.00
8. Alpine Erindale
Cast aluminium letterbox on medium stand. Takes A4 size mail: 250mm Wide x 330mm Long x Height 240mm..
Ex Tax: $254.09
9. Alpine Deluxe
The largest style mailbox in the series. All aluminium construction. Size: 340mm Wide x 410mm Long x..
Ex Tax: $299.00
9.1 Alpine Light
Prestige Letterbox. Making the maximum entry statement to your home as featured on our home page. Si..
Ex Tax: $527.27
9.2 Auspost
"Australian Made" Cast aluminium, modern style mailbox. Key Lock door. Takes A4 Size mail. Size: 240..
$192.65 $148.50
Ex Tax: $135.00
9.3 Auspost Erindale
Cast aluminium mailbox on medium size stand. Takes A4 size mail. Size: 240mm Wide x 300mm Long x Hei..
Ex Tax: $254.09
9.4 Victoria
Old time favourite mailbox - All cast aluminium. Height 900mm to underside of slot, approx. 1200mm o..
Ex Tax: $690.73
9.5 Victoria Light
All cast aluminium mailbox with light. Height 900mm to underside of slot, approx. 1600mm overall, ma..
Ex Tax: $826.35
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