Stainless Brick & Fence

These mailboxes can be, and are recommended to be retrofitted so please build your wall or fence and leave a hole to suit.
You will see a link to a drawing on the products detail page giving you these sizes. Please note that these mailboxes can all be made in the narrower Portrait style (250mm wide box) configuration. They can also be further custom modified (to an extent) to suit your application. All laser cut letterboxes take approximately 3 weeks for manufacture.

             ♦ Original and the Best ♦ Compliant to AS NZS 4253 -1994 ♦ Complete Unit ♦ Weather Lips ♦ Key Lock Door

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100. Marine Stainless 2in1
Free shipping if ordered with a letterbox - please select Postage & Handling if ordering as a si..
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